Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family and Great Friends

Today I am realizing how important true friends are! I love my family they have helped me grow into the person I am today. Thank you to my parents who helped me find my place in life. Who helped me realize that my purpose in life is to love others and to share my life. Thank you to my true friends who have supported me and held me up when I couldn't hold myself. Thank you for becoming part of my family and understanding me for who I am. You are all so important to me. I love you.

In 37 hours we get to visit our new house for the first time. It is a new and clean energy that I am looking forward to living in. I love fresh starts and fresh new things, the military has really done a number on me! In an amazing and great way. I am so happy with the clean slate that it gives me, the clean slate I can never seem to create myself.

From now on I will not allow myself to be open to negative, toxic, poisonous people who try to bring others down. Today is a new day. A brand new fresh start! My clean slate starts now!

Thank you Lord for my life and the amazing people you have placed in it. Thank you also for all of the people that have challenged me and allowed me to learn from you. Especially those who have been negative energies, because you have taught me the most about who I want to be.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Healthy coffee creamer?

I think I found my answer... Silk! No no soy milk but almond. I know many people are thinking that i am crazy. That there is no way that it can even be similar to coffee creamer, but I am telling you that I have something that works for me.

Silk Pure Almond Original


Some of you may think that Dark chocolate is something you can't get past. Well I am telling you that the almond milk softens that dark chocolate flavor and that it really just tastes like chocolate inside of coffee. I put a little sugar in my coffee as well and I will slowly ween myself away from that. If you do not like dark chocolate you should try some of the other options out there, like Vanilla or unsweetened Almond milk. Also try Silk soy OR Silk Pure Coconut!

You may think that this would be more expensive but I am posting this not only because it is healthier but because it is CHEAPER!!

PureAlmond was $3.18 (roughly) for a half gallon (64 oz)
Coffee Mate was $2.30 (roughly) for a 32 oz

Pure Almond $0.049 per oz
Coffee Mate $0.072 per oz

Yet more proof that eating healthy is NOT more expensive!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I have found this book "2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month" I am really wondering if it is possible. A couple of months ago I took a look at out bank account, tallied up everything we spent on food. I was almost in tears. About $650 a month for our small family of 4. I started thinking that there has to be a better way of fixing this budget of ours. REALLY, 25% of our food budget was eating out! Time to make a change. I hope I find it in this information and if I find other resources I will post them.

Visit Budget101.com

click this link to see how you can get your own copy :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shutterfly is doing it again!!! 25 free 5x7 cards for bloggers :) I can't wait! I love picking out my Christmas card, and sending them off. If you would also like to try for 25 FREE cards go HERE! It ends TOMORROW!!

It really helped me last year to have this financial part of Christmas paid for. I hope that I am selected again this year as well.

Saturday we are taking our first real family pictures after two whole years. I am so nervous and excited I really hope that they turn out great and that I can use them for my card.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Husbands are not good wing men!

Last night my texas bestie, her hubster, my lover, and myself all ventured out for our first couples date night in... well a LONG TIME... It is quite possible that because it was so long ago that we had to learn how to act as a couple instead of just a girls night or a guys night.

I thought the whole evening was great.... the WHOLE evening was Fantastic 

We started out at this little Greek restaurant that was uber expensive, good thing the food was yummy. It was called...

This cute little place had dim lights, candles lit, a huge selection of wine, live music (just a sax playing in the background), and the food... it was full of flavor. Garrett of course had the lamb, he let me have a bite of it's medium cooked goodness. I chose to go with something a bit cheaper, the salmon.

The salmon was dry in spots and juicy in others, thank goodness, because my first thought was darn I really don't want to pay that much for something that is not freaking perfection. The sauce or "Shauce" as the waiter pronounced it, was very tasty. I wish I knew what the "shauces" were because I would cook with them all of the time.

After we were done eating we planned on going to...

First I have to start out by saying I had a lot of fun, I love this bar and the fact that we got in for FREE. I should have stuck with beer for all night since it was cheapest, but no I didn't. Good news is I did find out that I am a fan of a drink by the name Plain Jane, I had Brock(the bartender) add a little grenadine, because of it's vodka base I was worried I couldn't run with the big girls. I did, and I am sad to say my drunk wore off very quickly for how much I drank. I danced every dance I could without a partner.When we go for girls nights guys ask constantly to take us out on the dance floor, I mean with two good looking ladies why wouldn't they... I will tell you why they weren't this particular night.....

Maegan and I had a feeling that Jack and Garrett would take away our dancing game, we were right. Since we were sitting with our wonderful husbands all night, no guys would come close to us. I have to say who could blame them, Garrett and Jack aren't little guys, and these tech school airman were already wiggin' out on the fact that it was their first time off base in weeks. I wouldn't have come near us either. So what is a girl to do in this situation... ditch them :) I know? How nice are we? Loving husbands finally getting to take their wives out and we run towards some other girls so that we might have a chance to two step. 

I didn't get one cowboy to dance with me :( but I did get down to the Macarena, Cuban Shuffle, Copperhead Road, Cotton Eye'd Joe and others. Then at the end of the night just to get my two step fix , I dragged Garrett out on the dance floor to a slow song. He did fantastic, I didn't even have to lead him!

So Ladies, the moral to this story is don't go to a dance club with men who don't dance, it is not their fault it is yours. Bring them instead to something they are comfortable with, and save the dancing for girls nights :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"$200 of Metal Chicken for FREE!"

Yesterday a good friend posted this hysterical blog post on another friends wall. I am so glad that I was friends with both of them, because I may have miss this internet gem!

I started reading this funny masterpiece last night, way, way, way after my bedtime. I am so glad I stayed up. Immediately the LOL happens... literary I was laughing OUT LOUD reading, by myself, in our computer room. Shortly after I start laughing, tears start streaming down my face and of course this means I can barely see to continue reading.

Naturally I had to share this on The FB. As well as my Bestest, one reason I love living 2 time zones away is that when my insomnia is running wild she is still awake on the west coast. She had the same reaction to this wonderful blog as I did. Which is good, because I was worried I was the only one who would find this as funny as I did... still do!!

Thank you Susie for making mine and so many other peoples day by sharing laughter!

If you want to laugh too you need to read this... WARNING... it is not censored.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I might be on a roll...

So today I wanted to really find out if I could find free or close to free items out there in this sale and coupon world. I went to Albertson's, and of course it smelled like old people and fish! Sorry to those of you who are older and who are fish, I don't mean to offend anyone, it is just a fact that both have a distinct smell.

So four years ago when I left for Germany, stores still had club cards. You had to have a club card in order to get the deals. Well times have now changed. I went in and looked at the prices of the food and was ready to run out the door! I went to the register so that I could get my club card, I ask the cashier and she looked sooooo confused. She asked this old man who was a bagger and he also looked confused. Hello.... even if you don't have them anymore, stores have had them in the past, do not look at me like I am crazy and don't act like you were born yesterday. I really must be living in the big city that couldn't, because these people are worse than those in Piggott, AR at least I like that little itty bitty, one stop light town. So anyways back to my story, I ended up leaving, only purchasing the one box of tic-tacs for Levi.

I then decided to go across the street to Walgreen's. Best decision ever! I went in with my Krazy Coupon Binder and found a couple of nice finds. Also a couple of okay finds and then a not so great find but oh well I am learning.

Here is what I found!

2 Huggies Jean diaper pckg for $18.00
                register rewards(RR) -$3.00
                       $2/1 coupon(q)  -$2.00
                                    Total      $13.00/2   $6.50ea not too bad... could have done way better!

Raid Max Bug Barrier  $8.99
                  Sale price -$7.99
                     Coupon -$3.00
                          Total  $4.99ea   
 I just saw a Cockroach yesterday outside and about FREAKED OUT! this was a NEED!

2 Pantene Products for $7.00
                           RR  -$1.00
                     $3/2 q   -$3.00
                         Total   $3.00/2    $1.50 a bottle... I stocked up on 2 set of shampoo and conditioner!

3 Old Spice Swagger Body Wash for $10.00
                                                 RR  -$3.00
                                        BOGO q  -$3.33
                                            $1/1 q  -$100
                                                Total  $2.67/3     $0.89 per body wash!!!!!!!!!!! And a stockpile!

One thing I will remember to do next time is pay attention to which of my items are Register Rewards(RR) and which are just the Sale prices. That way when my coupons get printed out I can use them in the same shopping trip and not have to take the coupon when I leave.

Then to end the whole day with a BANG I found the recycling center on base and dug through the newspaper bin for coupons... I have to tell you it was UBER exciting and I had to even call my Bestest to tell her all about it. She is excited to go dumpster diving while I am there.......  14 more DAYS until SUNNY California and a beautiful WEDDING!!!!