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Family and Great Friends

Today I am realizing how important true friends are! I love my family they have helped me grow into the person I am today. Thank you to my parents who helped me find my place in life. Who helped me realize that my purpose in life is to love others and to share my life. Thank you to my true friends who have supported me and held me up when I couldn't hold myself. Thank you for becoming part of my family and understanding me for who I am. You are all so important to me. I love you.

In 37 hours we get to visit our new house for the first time. It is a new and clean energy that I am looking forward to living in. I love fresh starts and fresh new things, the military has really done a number on me! In an amazing and great way. I am so happy with the clean slate that it gives me, the clean slate I can never seem to create myself.

From now on I will not allow myself to be open to negative, toxic, poisonous people who try to bring others down. Today is a new day. A brand new fresh start!…

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